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“HCM + PKD scanned cats”

W e   s t o p p e d   o u r   b i r m a n  b r e e d i n g   i n d e f i n i t e l y


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(Updated 19th of May 2017)

Norbert März 2016

Our Home
My lovingly run cattery is located in Wesseloh, a small enchanted place in the Lüneburg Heath, where we live with our cats and dalmatian dogs.

Haus u. Garten

My breeding kennel was accepted at my request without any complaints by Veterinary Office Niedersachsen according to §11 of the protection of animals act on 24th of January 2014. 


The breeding goal and the special of my breeding cats
are their specific type and very dark blue eyes. By means of deliberate breeding, i have managed to pass on this wonderful blue eyes to all kittens in particular in recent years. I want to intensify this great eye color and breed healthy cats of a sweet doll-like type that bring to their future owners a lot of joy with their calmness, serenity and a charming character. My breeding is specialised in lovely and well-natured cats. You won`t find me on exhibitions for personal reasons.

Sweety 9 Monate 3

  I have been breeding “Sacred Birmans” since 2006
and the first litter was born in 2007. My cats have one thing in common: they are very sociable and friendly not only among each other but also with “foreign“ cats and dogs and other newcomers. Being raised together with our dogs this community is remarkably harmonious. To our animals stress or nervousness are unknown. My cats are also very cuddly and people oriented, self-confident and unafraid.

Sweety und Pheebie

 My small but fine cattery
These grow up in our house in a loving and sheltered atmosphere together with our Dalmatian dogs. Of course, these little heartbreakers can move freely in all rooms and our large stone loggia that is secured by a big cat net. Since I am working at home and my husband is a housewife, so our Animals are never alone, and have a lot of contact with people. Cleanliness and hygiene are of basic importance to us. These are indispensable for keeping cats and dogs.

The early preparation for relocating the kitten
Early in their development our kitten get used to everyday noise and people that are not part of their daily environment. They move with the 3. week in our living room and grow on under special protection to the 6. week mainly in their kennel. After that they can move freely in the whole house. Thus they are well socialized, very self-confident and adapt easily to their new families. It never ceases to amaze us, that they are comfortable in their new home after a few days.

Kitten im Wohnzimmer

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On the next pages I introduce our extremely cuddly rascals and also some things to know about the wonderful sacred birman.